How To Open Your Garage Door Manually From The Outside

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    How To Open Your Garage Door Manually From The Outside

    Overhead garage doors serve an important purpose in almost every residential home out there.

    They are mainly responsible for making sure that your homes are kept safe and secured at all times.

    This just goes to show how much garage doors have become a part of our lives over the years.

    However, no matter how much you take good care of your garage doors, the time will come when it will eventually have to break down on you.

    And when this happens, you need to be prepared as it can be quite troublesome dealing with a non-functional overhead garage door.

    When your door stops functioning on you, you are left stuck between two possible scenarios.

    Either you are prevented from going inside your door and are stuck outside or you are stuck on the inside of your garage doors.

    Of the two situations, the latter can be a whole lot easier to deal with as you can simply pull on your emergency garage door release cord and lift your garage doors manually.

    While if you are stuck on the outside of your garage doors and have no other means of entry to your garage, there is not much you can do aside from wait for the repair company to arrive.

    So if you do ever get stuck outside your garage doors, here is how to open your garage door manually from the outside.

    Why is it important to learn how to open your overhead garage doors manually?

    Learning to open your garage door manually is a necessary skill because you never know when you might suddenly have the need to do so.

    After all, there is no way of telling on what day your garage doors will decide to play a joke on you.

    There will be a lot of times where you will need to rely on this knowledge of opening your garage doors manually in order to get out of a sticky situation.

    Aside from that, the ability to open your garage doors manually will also be useful most especially when you are doing repairs on your garage doors.

    This is because a lot of repair procedures involve disengaging your garage door openers for safety purposes.

    How to open your garage door manually from the outside

    Opening your garage doors manually from the outside can be extremely difficult to do and accomplish.

    This is because, under normal circumstances, there is no way for you to do so safely.

    So if you do not have any other means to get inside your garage doors like a door connecting your house to your garage, you will have great difficulty in doing this task.

    What you can do in a situation like this is to have the emergency release kit installed to unlock from the outside during the installation of your garage doors.

    By doing so, you will have an alternative option or another means by which you can access the inside of your garage doors.

    Now, if this is exactly what you did for your overhead garage doors, then here is how you can open your garage doors manually from the outside:

    1. Locate your emergency escape kit and put the key in the socket.
    2. Turn the key from the lock then remove it from the drum in order to enable the escape button on your garage door’s cart.
    3. Manually lift your garage door open.
    4. Once you have access to the inside of your doors, release your door by pushing up the lever using a broom handle or by manually reaching to it and pressing it by hand.
    5. Once done, you may re-enter the mechanism by pushing the release cord upwards and through your door until you hear a clicking sound.
    6. For easier access to your garage doors, make sure you have another entry point to your garage before leaving and closing your garage door.

    Once you follow these steps, you will surely be able to open your garage doors manually from the outside.

    You may also try the method being mentioned in this video in case the recommended method above is outside of your means.

    Choosing Houston Garage Door 4 Business

    Opening your doors manually from the outside can be really difficult to do especially if you do not have any prior experience of doing so.

    It may seem easy as you watch it through different DIY tutorials online but that is not exactly the case in reality.

    However, as long as you keep at it no matter how long it might take you, you will definitely be able to succeed in doing so eventually.

    However, if things are starting to look dark for you, do not hesitate to ask for assistance from the nearest garage door repair company in your area.

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