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    When it comes to commercial garage door services, it’s essential to choose a trusted company with a track record of delivering reliable, efficient, and affordable services. In Houston, one such company is GarageDoor4Business. Our experience spans over a decade, offering comprehensive solutions for various commercial garage door needs. In this post, we’ll discuss the various types of commercial garage doors, the associated costs, our repair services, and the associated costs.

    Commercial Garage Door Types and Brands Costs in Houston

    Below is a detailed table outlining the costs of various commercial garage door types and brands in Houston.

    Garage Door Type Brand Cost
    Sectional Doors Clopay $1,500-$2,500
    Rolling Steel Doors C.H.I $2,000-$3,000
    Fire Rated Doors Wayne Dalton $2,500-$4,000
    High-Speed Doors Rytec $4,000-$7,000

    Commercial Garage Door Repair Services and Costs

    Just as important as selecting the right commercial garage door is choosing a reliable repair service. Below is an overview of our repair services and associated costs.

    Repair Service Cost
    Track Adjustment $150-$200
    Spring Repair $100-$200
    Opener Installation $200-$350
    Emergency Repair $200-$400

    Why Choose Our Company?

    Choosing GarageDoor4Business means selecting quality, reliability, and affordability. We understand the critical role that garage doors play in your business’s smooth operation. Therefore, we commit to providing quick turnaround times for our 24-hour garage door repair service. Additionally, our team consists of highly skilled and experienced technicians who can handle various door types, from coiling steel overhead doors to heavy-duty roll-up commercial doors.


    What are the signs that my commercial garage door needs repair?

    If your garage door is making unusual noises, moving slowly, or getting stuck, it might need repair. For detailed signs, check out our blog on commercial garage door repair signs.

    How often should I schedule maintenance for my commercial garage door?

    For optimal performance, schedule maintenance at least twice a year. Our garage door maintenance checklist provides a detailed guide.

    Can I repair my commercial garage door myself?

    While you might handle minor issues, we recommend professional services for significant repairs to ensure safety and efficiency. Learn more about our repair services.

    Can you handle emergency garage door repairs?

    Yes, we offer 24-hour emergency repair services. We understand the urgency when your garage door malfunctions, and we’re here to provide emergency repair.


    In conclusion, GarageDoor4Business is your one-stop-shop for all commercial garage door needs in Houston. We offer a variety of garage door types, reliable repair services, and professional installation. Our commitment is to ensure you receive timely, effective, and affordable service. So, next time your garage door needs repair or when you’re ready to upgrade to a new one, remember GarageDoor4Business. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for all your commercial garage door needs.

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